What we do- Update

bullet imagebullet imageScottish Cannabis Oil Assistance Programme was estsablished to purchase legal medical CBD / cannabis oil and legal cannabis products to people in the UK who need financial help.  These are individuals who suffer from serious illnesses such as ME and Fibromyalgia.

We are delighted that CBD oil is now available from the NHS on prescription.  In light of this development, we are winding down, but will still help people who are having issues getting a prescription when we can do so.  We will continue to lobby for more legislative gains concerning CBD and cannabis.

It is the responsibility of those seeking help to determine whether or not cannabis oil products are suitable for their conditions in consultation with their medical practitioners.  SCOAP takes no responsibility for and makes no promises with regard to the effect of cannabis oil on anyone's health.  However, we have first hand anecdotal evidence that cannabis oil is beneficial to some individuals and we are increasingly convinced by the growing body of studies and research that some individuals may benefit. 

100% of money donated is spent on purchasing oil and delivering it; none of the trustees receives any payment, expenses or remuneration for donating their time, money and energy to running this service. Cannabis oil is newly legal here, and is still expensive.  Not everyone can afford oil; we are here to try and help.

 The trustees have applied to be registered as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) with the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator.  Whether or not we obtain this status, we will continue to do our best to help.


How did SCOAP start?

SCOAP started with one of the trustees buying oil for some of their friends when cannabis oil products first became legal in the UK.  Other friends wanted to try oil, and others heard of the increasing body of evidence that cannabis oil can benefit a variety of conditions.  Buying oil for all of these people was no longer possible for one person on their own, and it was decided to start a charity in order to help more people obtain cannabis oil.

Is medical CBD oil as available in the UKan intoxicant?

No; the property that is responsible for being 'high' is removed.

Why is it expensive?  Why not buy cheaper oil?

We don't think anyone with a serious health problem should take a gamble on products that are not manufactured, imported and sold by a responsible company. 

Why CBD Oil?

We strongly suggest that anyone who thinks cannabis oil might be for them checks with their medical practitioner.  SCOAP does not offer medical advice, and makes no promises or guarantees as to the effect of cannabis oil on any individual.  Anyone who is interested should research the subject and/or any relevant medical condition.

Cannabis oil products are legal in the UK and in several states in the US. 

Anyone who is going to try CBD or  oil is urged to try to get a prescription from their GP, otherwise buy from a reputable recognised supplier to ensure quality and safety.  We are not connected financially or personally to any manufacturer or dealer, although our preferred supplier is CBD Oil UK which has successfully and reliably given information and supplied oils to one of our trustees before we launched this programme.

Below are some files that may be of help.

cbd oil now prescribed in UK.pdf cbd oil now prescribed in UK.pdf
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2017 study on tumour and cbd oil.pdf 2017 study on tumour and cbd oil.pdf
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September 2017 - an article of interest; this may help persuade physicians in the UK that they can consider prescribing CBD oil:  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/billy-caldwell-cannabis-oil-boy-seizures-stopped-cured-prescription-medical-marijuana-a7933066.html